I started Fine Art Photography in 1996, specializing in black and white photography and the oil tinting of photographs, yes back in the day of film. I went to school in Minnesota for photography, graduating in 1984. I then moved to Minneapolis where I worked at a commercial studio for four years. October of 1987 I moved to Spokane and found a job at another commercial studio, where I worked until 1996. I love photographing people, so I opened up a portrait studio out of my home. My studio is on an acre of property, surrounded by forest. I’ve groomed my property for photography with swings, old trunks, log benches, old cars and many more fun props and even get some occasional wildlife! Photography has changes a lot with the digital revolution and I welcome the change. I’m all about working with fun ideas from my clients an am always looking for interesting and different places to shoot pictures. I hope to be able to capture your loved ones in photographs that you can cherish for years to come.